This week the government said it would build a new surface station in Manchester for HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail, a partly new line to Leeds via Huddersfield.

"Several of the busiest through stations on Europe's high speed networks, including the main stations in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Zurich, Milan and Rome, operate on the same principle, with hundreds of high speed through-trains each week reversing in their platforms during their journeys," the government ’ s Integrated Rail Plan said.

Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham said the cuts would leave the north of England behind "for the next 100 years".

"It's the sort of thing they build in China for brand new cities, but the difference is they are building on empty land.

East Manchester is home to long-established communities of thousands of people who would be underneath this line," he said.

Graham Stringer, Labour MP for the Manchester seat of Blackley and Broughton, said the government's new plan amounted to "putting HS2 on stilts through Manchester".

HS2 will bring regeneration, but if we put it in the air like that, it is most likely to sterilise the areas on either side.

Transport secretary Grant Shapps has hit back at criticism of a rail upgrade plan that will scrap the high-speed rail HS2 link to Leeds.

Grant Shapps told BBC Breakfast that "betrayal is a strong word" following claims of broken promises by northern leaders and some MPs.

the government was accused of a "betrayal" as it broke a manifesto pledge to build the hs3 line, between manchester and leeds, and the decision to scrap much of the eastern leg will be built from birmingham to east midlands and yorkshire.

The government was also criticised for its scaled-back plans for the Northern Powerhouse Rail rail project between Leeds and Manchester.

But Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said that the "anger on the ground was palpable" in Yorkshire on Thursday after people learned about the scaled-back scheme.

"[ The prime minister ] has then ripped up that promise, betrayed the North and exposed something ... that's that the levelling up agenda is just a slogan."

Work has already started on the first phase of HS2, linking London and the West Midlands.

Some senior Conservative MPs and other members of the opposition hit out at the plans.

The city had expected to be included on the proposed Leeds to Manchester route and to see a station built to accommodate new trains.

it's a complete waste of money?

She said : "The eastern leg costs a lot of money and it basically connects two cities.

"if you can't get on it.

boris johnson said it was "total rubbish" to suggest that he was breaking his promises.

Nottingham and Derby city centres will gain direct HS2 services to London.

The government also says it will investigate proposals for a "rapid transit" system for Leeds.

And that ’ s been the story of our lives.

Dan Jarvis, the mayor of South Yorkshire combined authority, said he did not think the government had the numbers to carry a vote on the policy.

He said that many MPs, including Conservatives, were "deeply unhappy with these proposals", believing that “ the north had been sold well short ”.

This sort of performance wouldn't be tolerated in the commuter belt around London.

There would be questions in the Commons about why longsuffering passengers had to put up with it, and business would demand improvements, arguing that lousy train services hold the economy back.

Yet the same demands from vast swaths of the north are not.

No HS2 line to Sheffield and Leeds; no northern powerhouse rail to bring journey times across the Pennines into the 21st century; and nothing to finally rid Bradford of the unenviable distinction of being Britain's worst-connected big city.

Years of prevarication pointed clearly towards yesterday's announcement.

The grab-bag of rail improvements that Shapps unveiled won't do anything to dilute the sense that the north has been short-changed, even though Manchester will eventually get its HS2 link.

The familiar government spin of presenting funds already announced as new money undermines the claim that it has a comprehensive plan to improve services.

"It's total bullshit," one leading industrialist in West Yorkshire with longstanding links to the Conservatives told me.

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