adele says she is "it was my ride or die throughout the most turbulent period of my life.

The British singer posted a statement on Twitter, suggesting her long-awaited fourth album will hit shelves and streaming services on 19 November.

"I was certainly nowhere near where I'd hoped to be when I first started it nearly 3 years ago," Adele said.

'Quite the opposite actually.

I rely on routine and consistency to feel safe, I always have.

"And yet there I was knowingly- willingly even, throwing myself into a maze of absolute mess and inner turmoil!

"I 've learned a lot of blistering home truths about myself along the way.

Former flames: Adele and charity CEO Simon, 47, announced they were going their separate ways in April 2019, with Adele filing court documents five months later (pictured in 2012)

I 've shed many layers but also wrapped myself in new ones.

And so, I ’ m ready to finally put this album out. ” 30 is preceded by the single Easy on Me, due for release this Friday.

When I was writing it, it was my friend who came over with a bottle of wine and a takeaway to cheer me up.

"my wise friend who always gives the best advice.

Split: Adele recently broke her silence on her divorce, recalling the heartbreaking moment their son Angelo asked, 'Don't you love my dad anymore?' (pictured in 2013)

Not to forget the one who's wild and says "It's your Saturn babes f**k it, you only live once".

'and then that friend who no matter what, checked in on me even though i'd stopped checking in with them because i'd become so consumed by my own grief.

i 've painstakingly rebuilt my house and my heart since then and this album narrates it".

"Home is where the heart is x".

Coming back for Christmas: Last month it had been reported that Adele was set to make a show-stopping comeback in time for Christmas with a televised Las Vegas concert

Adele will release her latest single, Easy On Me, on Friday, but gave fans a snippet of the track on an Instagram live over the weekend.

she admitted she "might get in trouble by her management, pressed play on the track in which she likened her emotions to a river.

In the interview with British Vogue, the singer-songwriter said she recorded her latest album to explain her divorce to her young son.

The striking cover artwork featured a side profile shot of Adele posing in front of a blue-green background.

Tease: The social media update came just days after Adele fans speculated that new music was on the way after a series of '30' billboards popped up across the globe

“ I feel like I 've finally found my feeling again.

i ’ d go as far to say that i 've never felt more peaceful in my life.

She likened the album to the type of friend who appears during trying times with bottles of wine, good advice, comfort, impromptu trips out and surprise gifts of magazines and face masks – "to make me feel loved while inadvertently reminding me not only what month it actually was, but that I should probably exercise some self-care !"

Adele and her ex-husband, charity CEO Simon Konecki, divorced in 2019.

Eagerly-anticipated: News of the album release date comes after Adele shared a first look at the single cover for her upcoming track Easy On Me on Tuesday

The former couple have a nine-year-old son.

Adele looked incredible in the new image as she stared whimsically into the distance.

The '30' title would certainly fall in line with Adele's preferred way of naming her albums, with all three of her studio albums named after her age.

Her debut album 19 was released in 2008, followed by 21 in 2011 and 25 in 2015.

Return! Adele unveiled her long-awaited new music on Tuesday, taking to Twitter to reveal her new song is called Easy On Me and is set for release on 15 October (pictured is a shot from the teaser clip)

30 will be Adele's first album solely for Columbia Records.

I'm just not in love."

She added excitedly : 'He's great.

Elsewhere in the British edition, Adele reveals for the first time that actually made peace with her father before he died.

'I've learned a lot of blistering home truths about myself': Adele shares first look at her new album cover and confirms it will be called 30

once the album arrives, fans will mark the singer's first time in over four years.

After a slow drip-feed of information – the name of her new single, an unprecedented two simultaneous covers of Vogue in the US and the UK – Adele has officially confirmed the release date of her fourth album.

A brief clip of the song teased online suggested a return to Adele's trademark balladry – but it remains to be seen whether that is a red herring.

“ It ’ s as if I just flew into my body for the very first time. ” Speaking to Vogue, she explained that exercise had helped her through the profound anxiety that she had experienced in recent years.

Ready: The singer, 33, announced the news in an Instagram post on Wednesday alongside a lengthy note in which she explained that she finally felt ready to release her music

Adele has never failed to put bums in seats at concert venues but her next tour could be her most lucrative yet.

The Hello singer is set to make her long-awaited comeback this Friday with the release of her brand new single, Easy On Me.

After the past 18 months the timing is terrific and the sudden teasers on social media have caused great excitement among her fans… 'With her 2016 tour ranking as one of the highest grossing tours that year I'd be surprised if something wasn ’ t on the horizon soon. ’ In 2016-17, the Someone Like You hitmaker embarked on a 121-date jaunt across the world, picking up an eye-watering $ 168million ( £124m ) along the way.

Branding expert Kubi Springer predicts that Adele will more than double those takings if she embarks on another tour.

Adele will hopefully return to the stage next year (Picture: Getty, Twitter @adele)

'Her fans are very loyal, and they ask about a new album on nearly every social media post that she puts out.

'The impact from Adele's absence will include an increase in not only her tour earnings, but streaming, royalties and brand equity. ’ Revealing her staggering prediction, Kubi stated confidently : 'She will probably out-earn Ed Sheeren's £596m from his Divide world tour, with a prediction of earnings in the £500-£600m mark from a worldwide tour. ’ It's also important to note that music fans have been unable to watch any of their favourite artists live for two years due to the pandemic, so appetite to get back inside arenas and stadiums is huge.

MORE : Inside Adele's transformation since last album as she prepares to release new single

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