in a statement released yesterday, detective inspector matt lawrence said : "bobbi-anne mcleod was last seen leaving her home in leigham at around 6 pm on saturday.

"Her headphones and baccy were found at the bus stop and there's just no trace.

"Police have rung and someone has handed in Bobbi's mobile," he said.

Brother Lee McLeod took to Facebook to appeal to people to come forward with any information.

' I'm begging everyone single person in Plymouth help me search everywhere search everything.

He continued : 'My sister's phone has been tracked by police, however due to the phone being off, they 've managed to know she's still in the Plymouth area but don't know her actual location.

"Please, please people- you hear anything, see anything, tell me."

Close family friend, Amanda Issacs, 34, said she had been on her way to meet her boyfriend when she disappeared three days ago.

"By the signs of it, it does look like she has been taken from a bus stop because she was due to get on this bus and she never got on it.

It has been sealed off and forensics are there today.

"she was due to meet her boyfriend and she never showed up, she's been with her boyfriend a long time- about six months now."

"I live next door and I'm a close family friend, she's not one to just disappear, it's very odd.

"She's a very in girl, she is very family orientated, she's got a boyfriend- he's ever so nice- and a few friends.

"She is 18, but she is very tiny and very slim that she probably looks about 15 in reality."

officers have been seen in the millwood drive area of the city as the search enters its third day.

A search was conducted yesterday around Plymbridge woods and more are expected today

Devon and Cornwall Police officers were also pictured searching the Millwood Drive area of the city- with images showing officers on hands and knees scouring the ground.

Members of the public are also carrying out local searches across the cityMembers of the public have set up a Facebook group called' Help Find Bobbi McLeod and Information '.

The group is being used to coordinate and share information about which search areas have been checked.

"We believe she was due to get a bus from Sheepstor Road into the city centre to meet some friends, but she didn't show up.

Officers sealed off a bus stop as they continue to hunt for the 18-year-old who vanished three days ago (pictured today)

"Bobbi-Anne is 18-years-old, 4ft 11ins tall and of slight build.

She has brown hair, green eyes with straight shoulder-length hair and ear piercings.

"She was believed to be wearing grey Nike jumper, black ripped jeans and fishnet tights, and light Nike trainers.

'We would like to hear from anyone who has seen Bobbi-Anne since she left her home on Saturday, or from anyone who knows of her current whereabouts.

Laura Walker remains missing (Image: Police Scotland)

'bobbi-anne may be reading this appeal, if you are then please get in touch; you are not in trouble, we just need to know that you are safe and well."

Anyone who has seen Bobbi-Anne or who may have any information is encouraged to contact the police on 101 quoting log number 879 for Saturday 20 November.

officers said they were growing increasingly concerned for her welfare."

close friends of the missing teenager said they are growing increasingly concerned after police found what are believed to be the teenager's headphones and a pouch of baccy at a bus stop, which has since been sealed off by police.

Close friends said they were growing fearful for what has happened to Ms McLeod (pictured) after what are believed to be her items were picked up by police

She added : "It's going to be 72 hours since her disappearance at 6pm tonight and there's just no sign of her.

Police are appealing to the public to help locate a missing teenager who vanished on her way to meet friends.

"Laura, Cahlum, if you see this, please do get in touch with us.

laura is described as 4ft 11, slim, dirty blonde hair, last seen wearing a lacosse red tracksuit.

Police said they were growing increasingly concerned for the youngster after she did not show up to meet her boyfriend

A spokesperson from Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Police Division said : "We 're appealing for the public ’ s help as part of our efforts to trace a female reported missing in Paisley.

"No one what's to see you harmed in any way.

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