He is the most senior Conservative to call for Mr Johnson to resign, saying the PM had failed to take responsibility for his actions over lockdown parties in Downing Street.

She sat motionless during the fiery session of PMQs on Wednesday, when David Davis publicly demanded that Mr Johnson "in the name of God, go".

johnson didn't get him and say something like that then, of course, i wouldn't want to see that but that's the decision he made.

Momentum said simply he shouldn ’ t be in the Labour Party.

"If I were her, I'd be cartwheeling through the lobbies," one Tory MP, who served in her Cabinet told i.

“ You can see from watching her eyes that she ’ s enjoying it. ” Another backbencher and staunch May supporter added : "It's karma, given what happened in 2019."

Sue Gray certainly won't.

That means the problems with rising energy prices, or whether schools are getting enough funding, all of those things fall by the wayside and there is a lot of stuff we need to get on with. ” Mrs May has been unafraid to criticise her successor since he took over at No10, accusing him of abandoning the UK's position of "moral global leadership" when he threatened to break international law during the Brexit negotiations.

Politics at the moment is all Shakespearean tragedy.

But really, I wonder whether I 've got the wrong play after all.

First, the defection : to leave your political tribe and sashay across the floor to your sworn enemies, just minutes before your leader stands up to face the house and the nation, is about as cut-throat as it gets.

One of the first to call for the prime minister to quit, Andrew Bridgen, told me he'd been under growing pressure from them in recent days, even suggesting the whips may have planted a "smear story" about him in the papers earlier in the week, “ which I don ’ t think was a coincidence ”.

To keep up to speed with all the latest opinions and comment, sign up to our free weekly Voices Dispatches newsletter by clicking here Many Tories seem genuinely to believe that this is just a crisis and it will all blow over.

For years now, leading protagonists have called for a kinder, gentler politics.

To the rest of us, they can look ruthless.

There's no rule that says a prime minister has to resign for knowingly misleading a news reporter in a broadcast clip.

However, Boris Johnson evidently felt that he could not repeat the risible garbage he had told Sky News on Tuesday at Prime Minister ’ s Questions on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, at the despatch box in the House of Commons, this defence was not forthcoming.

This week, just as last week, all he could say, over and over again, was that we must all wait for Sue Gray's investigation, which he commissioned, and which he knows does not have the scope to directly accuse him of wrongdoing.

Fifteen minutes before he stood up, Christian Wakeford, the Conservative MP for Bury South, announced his defection to Labour.

On current polling, the Tories will lose 42 of their 45 so-called red wall seats.

Johnson said he had “ no idea what [ Davis was ] talking about ”.

Johnson has written a biography on Churchill, so it does seem surprising that he would be unaware of the extremely famous lines that cleared the great man's route to power.

It is only his own MPs that can move the process forward.

Can it really only be 400 years ago that the two men skipped down the Chequers driveway together, resigning from the cabinet and refusing to back Theresa May ’ s Brexit deal?

They may be right.

he isn't cutting taxes" and “ reducing the cost of living ”.

And if he is reducing the cost of living, it will come as something of a surprise to anyone who's read the only story in two months that has moved his own personal rolling s**tshow off the top of the news bulletins.

Even without the parties, all he appears to have left is to shout stuff that isn't true.

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