Commenting on the PM's reference to Peppa Pig, which was described as "shambolic" by Labour, he said : "It was owned by a Canadian company, which has been bought by a US giant.

As Johnson understands absolutely nothing whatsoever about the world of business, he decided to make his speech to the Confederation of British Industry a kindergarten style report about what he ’ d been up to at the weekend.

"Peppa Pig World is very much my kind of place," he told business leaders- in reference to a visit to the Hampshire theme park he made with his wife and youngest son the day before.

He applauded the cartoon franchise for being "exported to 180 countries", including amusement parks in the US and China.

Robert Haigh, strategy and insights director at Brand Finance, also commented on the "inability of the UK to scale its intellectual property-based businesses".

mr johnson said he thought people had "he's given hundreds of speeches.

I don't think it's unusual for people on rare occasions to lose their place."

Boris Johnson has been criticised after he lost his place in a speech to British businesses leaders and referred to the children's cartoon Peppa Pig.

( Oh, and he also did an impression of a car. )

Labour's shadow chancellor, Rachel Reeves, called the speech "shambolic".

She added : "No one was laughing, because the joke's not funny anymore."

A senior Downing Street source told the BBC : "Business was really looking for leadership today and it was shambolic."

they added : "the real lesson for me going to peppa pig world ... was about the power of uk creativity.

"cabinet needs to wake up and demand serious changes otherwise it 'll keep doing it?

"I think that is pure genius don't you?

Mr Johnson's 25-minute speech to assembled business leaders focused on levelling up, but also took some awkward turns as the prime minister tried to fuel enthusiasm for his green industrial revolution.

He asked the audience for a show of hands for who had been to the Hampshire attraction, and after saying "not enough", the PM continued.

"i was a bit hazy about what i would find at peppa pig world.

it had safe streets, discipline in schools, a heavy emphasis on mass transit systems.

"whitehall civil service, it would never have come up with peppa."

"And they may not have that 'vrrrom vrrrom raaah raaah' that you like.

But he made an ambitious jump when he appeared to compare himself to Moses as he "came down from [ Mount ] Sinai and [ told ] my officials [ about ] the new 10 commandments"- pledges including more investment in wind power and hydrogen technologies.

After questions on other issues of the day- the government's announcements on rail, and criticism of plans for the social care cap- Mr Johnson left the stage.

But later, before heading back to Downing Street, the PM gave an interview to a reporter, who simply asked : "Is everything OK ?"

the actual prime minister told them.

I don ’ t know.

So it ’ s possible it ’ s been overstated.

Maybe they 're right.

At his first prime minister ’ s questions, there was actual applause in the chamber when he was accused, entirely accurately, of racism by the country ’ s first Sikh MP, Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi.

To keep up to speed with all the latest opinions and comment sign up to our free weekly Voices newsletter by clicking here But even so, there do appear to be real consequences to the broken shopping trolley school of government.

This, it turns out, is what I had to say about Jeremy Corbyn – remember him?

His powers of oratory were maligned in their time, and a fair chunk of that maligning may or may not have been done by me.

When Corbyn gave a speech about business that he didn't understand, he at least tried, a bit, to keep his meaningless verbiage on topic.

He declined to explain why exactly this was a failure on Whitehall's part.

There was also the bit where he lost his place and spent 40 toe-curling seconds muttering the words "forgive me" and trying to rejoin the light fantastic at the point at which he had somehow just tripped off it.

It is routinely speculated that these horrific occasions are part of some kind of wider strategy.

That, when he goes on about Peppa Pig, or when he spends so long trying to remember the words police officers say when they arrest someone that an actual police officer standing in the sun behind him faints through heat exhaustion, that it's a distraction strategy.

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