the uk and france's response to the migrant crisis in the english channel has branded "shameful" by a tory peer who served as a senior adviser to william hague during his time as foreign secretary.

She told Times Radio : "We shouldn't be having a ding-dong ping-pong with people whose destinies are connected to the most horrible experiences that they would have had and they are looking for a better life, or they ’ re looking simply for safety."

It comes as PM Boris Johnson's government is putting pressure on France to accept its offer of combined UK-French police and border force patrols across the Channel, to prevent another incident.

After the PM made the offer to French president Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday, home secretary Priti Patel appeared in the Commons to insist she had "once again reached out" and made a “ very clear offer ” to her French counterpart, Gerald Darmanin, of combined efforts across the coast to “ prevent these dangerous journeys from taking place ”.

Ms Patel told MPs there is "no quick fix" to solve the migrant crisis, and called on Britain's “ international partners ” to engage in a “ coordinated effort ” to crack down on criminal gangs.

Britain and France have traded diplomatic barbs after the deaths of 27 people who drowned trying to cross the Channel, with Priti Patel, the home secretary, saying it was now up to the French to take action to prevent further such tragedies.

Making a statement to MPs after the 17 men, seven women and three adolescents died on Wednesday, Patel said that while there was no rapid solution to the issue of people seeking to make the crossing, she had reiterated a UK offer to send more police to France.

Speaking separately, Darmanin said those on small boats were "often attracted" by the UK's labour market.

Tell English employers that we need them to be as patriotic as the Conservative government. ” Patel and Darmanin spoke on Thursday, and Patel was expected to travel to France on Sunday.

In the Commons, Labour's home secretary, Nick Thomas-Symonds, said one part of the solution had to be more safe and legal asylum routes to the UK, calling for the government to bring back the Dubs scheme for resettling lone child refugees in the UK.

Answering a later question, Patel said the UK had proposed "a very, very significant technology offer" including automatic number plate recognition on the roads approaching northern French beaches, as well as more UK police, though not ones with the power to make arrests.

"We 've also offered to put more officers – unwarranted because they will not take warranted officers – but these are the things I will be working through very specifically now because the status quo can not persist."

Arminka Helic's comment came as Sir Keir Starmer accused home secretary Priti Patel of chasing headlines with threats to turn back small boats while failing to achieve anything to resolve the problem, which on Wednesday saw at least 27 people drown after a dinghy sank.

Ms Patel told the House of Commons it was a "complete myth and fallacy" to suggest the UK should not look at all options to deal with the migrant crisis, including stopping boats entering territorial waters.

"There is also no quick fix.

While overall asylum applications are down on a year ago, the sharp increase in the number of arrivals by this dangerous and very visible route was described by the home secretary last week as "unacceptable".

Patel's political instincts may well be to be tough on migration.

After what I saw this morning it does not come as a surprise."

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