As for Apple, its shares fell yesterday after claims that it could cut its iPhone 13 production targets by up to 10million units because of the chip shortage.

With Christmas 2021 approaching, the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles will continue to prove very difficult for people to get their hands on and we expect this to continue well into 2022.

Has your business been affected by supply chain issues at ports?

The data from Stock Informer emerged as transport chiefs warned that a disastrous logjam at Britain's biggest container port will delay or block the delivery of millions of festive products and Christmas presents.

The situation is so bad at Felixstowe in Suffolk that the world's largest shipping company, Maersk, has decided to stop some giant container ships from docking in the UK.

This means thousands are sitting empty on the dockside at Felixstowe and elsewhere, rather than being used to transport goods around the world.

'This year the ongoing lorry driver shortage, coupled with new delays at ports, could bring us to tipping point. '

Adverts posted by EE and Game over the past few days show how much anticipation there is whenever a PS5 comes in stock

He added : 'There are significant shipping delays across the world, caused largely by new outbreaks of Covid at ports in China.

The UK's largest commercial port says the supply chain crisis has caused a logjam of shipping containers.

'That means companies such as Maersk have to avoid rapidly building bottlenecks by using EU ports to land goods destined for the UK.

Felixstowe is among the top two or three worst-hit terminals ( globally ).

Maersk has said it is diverting vessels away from UK ports to unload elsewhere in Europe. Felixstowe is pictured today

the port authorities in felixstowe, which handles more than a third of uk, said a shortage of drivers means it is taking about ten days before cargo, to unload elsewhere in europe.

Last week, the port imposed restrictions on receiving empty containers from Maersk and Evergreen but it has now restarted accepting them.

It said : 'The pre-Christmas peak, combined with haulage shortages, congested inland terminals, poor vessel schedule reliability and the pandemic, has resulted in a build-up of containers at the port.

Felixstowe said it is asking shipping lines to remove them as quickly as possible.

The Cocomelon Musical Bedtime JJ doll is a hoped-for toy which has an RRP of £28, and is going for up to £109 on eBay

He said : 'The current issues being experienced at Felixstowe port are partly due to the HGV driver shortage.

Our members are reporting that some are struggling to source drivers to pick up and deliver containers, which is causing a backlog in the port which prevents new loads from being landed.

Tim Morris, chief executive of the UK Major Ports Group, said : "There's no need to panic."

The Port of Felixstowe, which handles 36 % of the UK's freight container traffic, blamed the busy pre-Christmas period and haulage shortages.

The Xbox Series X console is being offered on eBay for up to £2,000, more than four times above the RRP of £450

The Financial Times first reported on Tuesday that Maersk was re-routing ships away from Felixstowe to other European ports, where smaller vessels will be used for UK deliveries.

Lars Mikael Jensen, head of global ocean network at Maersk, told BBC Radio 5 Live's Drive programme that some of its largest 20,000-container ships were waiting outside Felixstowe for between four to seven days.

Problems at Felixstowe come as retailers and other groups warn of mounting concern about stocks in the run-up to Christmas trading.

"The vast majority of import containers are cleared for collection within minutes of arriving and there are over 1,000 unused haulier bookings most days.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max, which costs between £1,049 and £1,549 via Apple based on the model, is going for £3,000 on eBay

"However, the situation is improving and there is more spare space for import containers this week, than at any time since the beginning of July, when supply chain impacts first started to bite."

The shortage has been caused by several factors, including European drivers who went home during the pandemic, Brexit, tax changes and a backlog of HGV driver tests.

Tim Morris, head of the Major Ports Group, which represents port operators, said the industry had been had been hit by a whole host of issues, including Brexit border changes, global demand for goods travelling by sea, and the pandemic.

"Ports have taken significant action to respond to the challenges and build resilience."

Mr Dowden today insisted pressure on ports was easing, adding : "I'm confident that people will be able to get their toys for Christmas."

Jitters over capacity at ports saw the founder of The Entertainer toy shop chain warn over the likelihood of shortages in the run-up to the festive season in an interview with the BBC.

Peter Wilson, of global shipping agents Cory Brothers, said people should order items in a "timely fashion" to ensure they arrived.

Maersk also warned that growing delays could mean retailers would be forced to prioritise what they ship to deal with the congestion.

Thousands of shipping containers at the Port of Felixstowe in Suffolk are pictured today as the shipping crisis continues

"We 're working through these challenges to address them."

Officials last month announced 5,000 temporary visas to HGV drivers.

The Department for Education told Sky News that applications will be "open from November and then will then begin from around the end of November or early December, depending on the timings of local training providers".

experts say supplies of toys and gifts will be "materially constrained"

Sellers on eBay are trying to sell a PlayStation 5 for up to £3,000, nearly seven times their RRP, because they are out of stock

The Government was today accused of "incompetence" after a minister revealed that only about 20 foreign lorry drivers had been granted temporary visas to work in the UK.

But Tory party chairman Oliver Dowden said the numbers of drivers applying were "relatively limited", with about 300 applications received and about 20 actually issued.

And David Jinks, head of research at home delivery experts ParcelHero, said : "There's little prospect that we will get the 100,000 extra truck drivers that most experts believe we need.

"The problem we are facing is getting the stock out of Felixstowe," he said.

Interest is up 11 % on 2020, but last year's figure was unusually lowbecause of a second wave of the pandemic that forced the closure of much of the economy.

Research from the British Chambers of Commerce found 60 % of firms are struggling to get enough staff.

Customers themselves have largely been shielded from the impact.

It's why supermarket shelves are, on the whole, fully stocked.

The London-based website Stock Informer, which tracks which retailers have popular products available, states that there is no stock for any of these four products anywhere other than eBay or online marketplace StockX

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