Djokovic's visa was revoked on arrival in Melbourne last week before being reinstated by a judge on Monday.

Despite a win in court restoring his visa on Monday, Djokovic's fate will now be determined by Australia ’ s immigration minister, Alex Hawke, due to his personal power to again cancel the visa and deport the world ’ s No 1 male tennis player.

The 34-year-old Serb player's entry form stated he had not travelled in the 14 days before his arrival on 6 January.

Social media posts appear to show him in both Serbia and Spain during that fortnight.

The Australian Border Force ( ABF ) did not immediately confirm the reports.

djokovic's lawyers have been contacted for comment.

Serbia's Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and Australian counterpart Scott Morrison spoke in a call on Monday.

Coronavirus Map Live (Image:

The court did not make a ruling on whether his reason for a medical exemption from vaccination- that he had Covid last month- was valid.

But on Tuesday Immigration Minister Alex Hawke said he was still considering whether to cancel Djokovic's visa under separate powers in Australia's Migration Act.

"The series of events leading to Monday's court hearing have been damaging on all fronts, including for Novak's well-being and preparation for the Australian Open," the ATP said.

The Australian Border Force is investigating whether Novak Djokovic incorrectly declared he had not travelled and would not do so for two weeks before his flight to Australia, in the latest twist in the tennis star's visa cancellation saga.

Novak Djokovic (Image: GETTY)

In his Australian traveller declaration, filed on 1 January, Djokovic declared "no" when asked : “ Have you travelled or will you travel in the 14 days prior to your flight to Australia ? ” The declaration is accompanied with a warning that giving false or misleading information is a "serious offence", also punishable by civil penalties.

in documents filed to the federal circuit court, djokovic said that on 1 january he authorised his agent to submit this declaration, before travelling to melbourne from spain via dubai on 4 january.

"In line with due process, minister Hawke will thoroughly consider the matter.

This is supposed to prove that Djokovic had recovered from his coronavirus illness.

American journalist Ksenija Pavlovic MacAteer (Image: GB News, Twitter)

Views within the Australian government are mixed on whether it should enforce a zero-tolerance approach on the requirement to be vaccinated and reject Djokovic's exemption based on his recent Covid test result.

Last week, Morrison vacillated on the question, at first deferring to the Victorian state government about whether Djokovic should be allowed in without quarantine, before backflipping to declare "rules are rules" and the vaccination requirement must be enforced.

Isn't the Australian border supposed to be under the control of its government, rather than some tennis-club committee?

Perhaps Nigel couldn't get a visa to get into Australia.

No doubt he ’ ll be looking for "The Interview with Novak" on GB News, a place where illegal migrants rarely get a chance to plead their case.

Only that if you are going to be tough on those who refuse to be vaccinated – a policy very much in the public interest – then you should make very few exceptions to the rules, which should be simple, and should be administered centrally.

As someone who cares little for tennis, and has no time for Djokovic's toxic views on vaccines, even I can see that the guy hasn ’ t had a fair go.

A Serbian-born American journalist revealed that Novak Djokovic came within a whisker of getting arrested by the Australian authorities yesterday, but such a decision would have seriously clashed with the democracy in the country.

Talking to GB News, Mrs Pavlovic-McAteer said that any decision to send Mr Djokovic packing is temporarily delayed but the Serbian still risks having to wave goodbye to his dream of becoming the most decorated player in the world by winning Grand Slam number 21.

"They were coming to arrest him but if they did this they would have shown to the whole world that they are the bad guys.

"He is doing a lot for charity, not only in Serbia but worldwide."

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