New photographs have been released of the Duchess Of Cambridge, celebrating her 40th birthday on Sunday.

They were taken at Kew Gardens in November by fashion photographer Paolo Roversi.

they show kate has been pictured in three relaxed poses, wearing different alexander mcqueen dresses with her hair loose around her shoulders.

In one, Kate is seen wearing a one-shouldered red McQueen dress accessorised with earrings from the Queen's private collection.

in another, she is seen wearing a pair of earrings belonging to diana, princess of wales, is on display.

'Moved by her warmth' Roversi said that photographing the duchess was "a moment of pure joy" and said with her "positive energy" she can "bring hope to the whole world".

He added : "I was moved by her warmth and friendly welcome and enchanted by her shining eyes that reflected the loveliness of her soul and her smile showing the generosity of her heart.

Meanwhile Kate has also emerged as a matriarchal figure within the royal family in more recent years. She brought estranged brothers William and Harry together at the funeral of Prince Philip. (pictured, Kate, William and Harry speak together as they left

The Duchess famously met Prince William while at the University Of St Andrews, marrying him in 2011 in the surrounds of Westminster Abbey.

Duchess is keen photographer herself Since her marriage to the duke, she has had three children- George, Charlotte and Louis- and has devoted much of her public life to supporting the early years development of children.

Now, the milestone birthday will mark the start of an important few years for the future queen, who will be at her husband's side as royal events intensify as lockdowns ease, and watch her children grow up.

The duchess has also emerged as a keen photographer herself, often stepping behind the camera rather than being in front of it.

In the January of 2012, the Duke and Duchess had two homes — their rented farmhouse close to William's base at RAF Valley on Anglesey and two-bedroom Nottingham Cottage in the grounds of Kensington Palace, which they use as their London base (left). Ten y

In the past, she has used the couple's Instagram account to document family life and those causes closest to them.

Snaps of Prince William at the Hindu Kush, as well as portraits of her children are among the images often shared by the duchess.

The Duchess of Cambridge would never have sought a public role had she not fallen in love with Prince William, friends reveal today.

Kate Middleton, who will celebrate turning the milestone age of 40 on Sunday, grew on the world stage in 2021 taking on solo projects such as Hold Still and the Westminster Abbey Christmas Carol service.

Proving she has been dedicated to rewearing outfits since the start of her royal career, the Duchess has regularly stepped out in a £495 scarlet Luisa Spagnoli skirt suit (pictured left, in 2011, centre, wearing the suit in 2014, and right, wearing it aga

And speaking to mark her birthday tomorrow, one confidante described the future king as 'absolutely the love of Catherine's life ’, explaining : ‘ There is no way Catherine would be doing anything in public life if she hadn ’ t fallen in love with William.

She is very open about that.

'Public life is full of extroverts, people who seek the limelight and enjoy it.

Speaking to the Mail, one friend emphasised this week that while the duchess is not one who naturally pushes herself forward, she has 'come to terms with her position' over the last ten years.

Kate wears earrings belonging to Princess Diana in this photograph (Image: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Paolo Roversi)

'She doesn't want to go parties and would prefer to live the quiet life at home with her family.

'William and their children are the centre of her world and nothing works without her family.

'They have worked hard together as a couple to create a balance [ between their public and private lives ] and whatever comes next, they are doing it from a place of stability. '

Another source added of their relationship : 'They met at the beginning of university.

Released to mark Kate's 40th birthday today, this is one of three new photographic portraits released by Kensington Palace of the Duchess of Cambridge who celebrates her 40th birthday on Sunday

They were still young and have grown up together.

They have the same brilliant sense of humour, they tease each other, they have fun together still and there is huge comfort and security in the longevity of their relationship for both of them.

'behind closed doors family life is pretty simple, really.

Kensington Palace will issue new pictures to mark the occasion too, while senior royals are expected to wish her 'many happy returns' on social media.

Kate wears a one shouldered red McQueen dress in one of the images (Image: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Paolo Roversi)

She is said to be looking forward to making a difference with projects such as her Early Years initiative and mental health campaigns.

'Having found a space where she feels she can really make a difference makes everything worthwhile, and she is absolutely dedicated to supporting the Queen and her husband.

'Funnily enough, if she hadn't have married William I think she would have started some kind of business as she comes from an entrepreneurial background and is very creative herself.

She ’ s now bringing that to her work.

And ten years after her engagement, Kate, now an established member of the royal family, 'stands her own' during royal engagements. In the final years of her thirties, Kate launched several huge landmark projects, including her Early Years survey (picture

'She has been in the public eye for 18 years now and has had a public role for a decade.

She never wants to disappoint and has the confidence now to deliver.

he said : "taking the portrait of her royal highness the duchess of cambridge was a true honour for me and a moment of pure joy.

the images will enter the permanent collection of the national portrait gallery of which the duchess – a keen photographer herself – is patron.

As Kate Middleton wakes up on her 40th birthday tomorrow, she might well take time to reflect on just how much her life has changed since she celebrated her 30th a decade ago

READ MORE : Royal fans gush over stunning Kate pictures ahead of 40th birthday One of these, shows the Duchess with her hair swept over her shoulder as she smiles at the camera.

Kate is expressionless, gazing to the left in another.

Kate also regularly wears jewellery that honours her mother-in-law, including her sapphire engagement ring, which once belonged to Diana.

Kate is expected to mark her birthday on Sunday, January 9 with a private family affair at the Cambridges' home in Norfolk.

The Duchess of Cambridge would never have sought a public role had she not fallen in love with Prince William, friends reveal today

Her husband, Prince William, will celebrate turning 40 in June.

Typically, senior members of the Royal Family release pictures to mark key dates.

Last year, Kate's birthday was not marked with a new photograph as it occurred amid a Covid enforced lockdown.

Instead, a photo of Kate during a royal engagement was released alongside a sombre message of thanks.

The mother-of-three is said to be looking forward to making a difference with projects such as her Early Years initiative and mental health campaigns (pictured in January 2020)

"Birthdays have been very different in recent months, and our thoughts continue to be with all those working on the front line at this hugely challenging time."

Intimate and timeless, these three striking new portraits show sides of the Duchess of Cambridge usually hidden from the public.

A Palace source said it was fitting that Kate's portrait would be part of the exhibition as the Duchess 'very much sees her role as bringing the nation and communities together '.

In the eye-catching colour shot, Kate looks into the camera, her hand elegantly resting in the pocket of a one-shoulder red dress while her hair billows out over her shoulder.

Meanwhile, with a keen eye for detail, Kate has often referenced Princess Diana with her style choices. (pictured, photos from 1992 show Diana, pictured with her sister and lady-in-waiting Sarah McCorquodale, in a monochrome blue number. Diana sported blu

Kate's photographer, Mr Roversi, is better known for his high-fashion and celebrity work.

Kate also helped pick the three images which will go on display at the London gallery when it reopens next year.

Kate's photographs will be displayed in Berkshire, where her parents live, St Andrews, where she met Prince William as a student, and Anglesey, North Wales, where the couple spent the first years of their married life.

The Duchess of Cambridge was just six months into her new life as an official member of the royal family, having stepped into the spotlight after 6.7 million people worldwide watched her walk down the hallowed aisle of Westminster Abbey, where she said' I do' in front of 2,000 guests.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tied the knot at Westminster Abbey on April 29 2011 in a ceremony that was watched by 17.6million worldwide (left) Fast forward ten years and the couple marked their anniversary by releasing two stunning new portraits tak

Instead of a big party, the Duchess is expected to have a much smaller affair with just family and close friends.

'She has done everything at her own pace and William has supported her throughout.

They have sympathised and empathised with everyone suffering during the last two years and I would say they are now more popular that ever.

'Kate has focused on a small number of causes and done them well.

'Brings hope to the world' Kate dazzles in stunning photos released for her 40th birthday (Image: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Paolo Roversi)

The Duchess now shares photographs of her children for each of their birthdays and larger family events, such as anniversaries, in an effort to include the public in their life within maintaining their privacy.

And ten years after her engagement, Kate, now an established member of the royal family, 'stands her own' during royal engagements.

The launch of The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood was a landmark step in Her Royal Highness' work and signals her lifelong commitment to improving outcomes across society.

The Duchess also does all the couple's cooking herself ( with occasional help from William ).

Kate has spoken enthusiastically and openly about motherhood, most candidly while appearing on Giovanna Fletcher's Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast in February 2020. In the deeply personal interview, Kate also revealed she tried hypnobirthing - a form of med

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