The border will initially open to New Zealand citizens and visa holders coming from Australia, then from the rest of the world, and finally to all other vaccinated visitors from the end of April.

Meanwhile, fully vaccinated New Zealanders and residence visa holders in neighbouring Australia will be able to enter the country from 16 January.

new zealanders who are in all other countries will be allowed in from 13 february.

But an outbreak of the highly contagious Delta variant earlier this year has forced a shift in strategy, with the main city of Auckland now only gradually opening up as vaccination rates climb.

COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said : "A phased approach to reconnecting with the world is the safest approach to ensure risk is carefully managed.

"this reduces any potential impacts on vulnerable communities and the new zealand health system,"

Under the new rules, travellers will no longer be required to stay at state quarantine facilities, but other measures will be put in place- including a negative pre-departure test, proof of vaccination and a coronavirus test upon arrival.

but the government has unveiled its plans to reopen borders and will allow foreigners to enter next year.

all travellers must be fully vaccinated, will have to self-isolate for seven days upon arrival.

More New Zealanders will be allowed to travel home from early next year as well, under similar rules.

The country has had one of the toughest border policies during the pandemic, closed to nearly all foreign visitors since March 2020.

The travel ban on foreign tourists will then be lifted from 30 April – although it's as yet unclear whether this will apply to all visitors or whether reopening will happen in stages depending on countries ’ coronavirus infection rates.

New Zealand has announced it will reopen its borders to vaccinated visitors in the opening months of 2022, for the first time since prime minister Jacinda Ardern announced their snap closure in the first month of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Closing our border was one of the first steps we took to keep our country safe from Covid-19 and it will be one of the last things we do in terms of opening up," Covid response minister Chris Hipkins said.

Reuniting with family!

Hipkins said that managed isolation would still be present for the foreseeable future.

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