A lone gunman has shot four people at a university lecture hall in Germany- some of whom are seriously injured.

Police believe the perpetrator was acting alone.

german newspaper bild reported that the shooter was a student.

He used a long-barrelled firearm during the attack, and Bild reported that he may have been carrying several rifles.

They had earlier asked people on Twitter to avoid the Neuenheimer Feld area of Heidelberg, where the city's university is located.

Heidelberg is located south of Frankfurt and has about 160,000 inhabitants and its university is one of Germany's best-known.

One person was shot dead and three others were injured after a man opened fire with a long gun in a lecture hall in the German university town of Heidelberg.

Police asked people to avoid the area so rescue workers and emergency services could move around freely.

german media reported that the gunman appeared to have no religious or political motive.

Four people were shot and injured during the attack, with the news agency dpa reporting in the afternoon that one victim had died from her injuries.

Police said the student had entered the university hall at 12:30pm, while a lecture was ongoing, and opened fire.

He subsequently fled the building.

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