It was a grand slam for Italy – winners of Eurovision and Euro 2020 – this week, as Giuseppe Dell'Anno triumphed in The Great British Bake Off.

That is the way I work.

i think that's a bake comes to life.

"While we were doing practice bakes, Crystelle [ Pereira ] was always first to arrive in the tent, I was second or third.

It was to die for. ” And then there was Jürgen Krauss, knocked out in the semi-finals, to the blank astonishment of an audience who thought, reasonably enough, that anyone who could make a windmill out of biscuit that thin had surely made a pact with the devil.

While his performance on the show was impressive, it wasn't all plain sailing.

“ But in the early weeks, there was a part of my brain that kept telling me : that ’ s Noel Fielding right there, talking to you.

Biggest TV audiences for drama series since 2000. (Image: Express)

While Dell ’ Anno loves his home town in Italy, he says he misses the UK when he is there, and vice versa.

Please don't try that at home folks.

And comedian Michael Fry added : "Regardless of the result tonight Crystelle has still won my hand in marriage # GBBO."

She said : "The biggest auguri [ congratulations ] in the world to Giuseppe.

Her Mad Hatter's Tea Party-inspired showstopper failed to cook all the way through. (Image: Channel 4)

"I have felt so honoured and blessed to have baked alongside him for 10 weeks.

"I could not be happier or more proud to call Giuseppe our winner.

great british bake off is ready to watch on all4.

There were fantastic creations on offer – albeit despite the deliberately obtuse technical set by Paul Hollywood, who clearly wanted to make the final all about him.

Bake Off's Crystelle addresses 'elephant in the room' after making history for wrong reasons. (Image: Channel 4)

Crystelle will be cursing that focaccia that cost her in the showstopper for as long as she lives, but she grew in the competition and can be very proud of her progress.

But in the end, Giuseppe was a worthy champion and paid tribute to his father in touching scenes.

The Alice In Wonderland-themed showstopper brought a splash of genuine joy on Tuesday – but that whimsical magic we ’ ve come to know and love from the show seemed strangely missing for most of it.

While previous series were packed with tension, viewers have seemed passive.

A worthy winner (Picture: Channel 4)

With the celebrity charity specials, the Extra Slices, the professional version of the show, it feels like we ’ ve had Paul and Prue ramming cake down our throats for years now, and frankly we ’ ve lost our appetite.

The final was a reminder of why we love it, but we hope the next one doesn't come around too soon.

Got a story?

After 10 weeks of watching 12 bakers pour their hearts into what came out of their ovens – we have reached the end of another series of The Great British Bake Off and I will miss it, as ever.

Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas on The Great British Bake Off (Picture: Channel 4)

Obligatory spoiler warning here – the series was won by "Britalian" Giuseppe Dell'Anno, a moniker he wears with pride.

“ I truly can't believe it or take it in, this has made me so incredibly happy to be a Britalian, ” he said following his win over Crystelle Pereira and Chigs Parmar.

The camaraderie between contestants was lovely to see, with this being one of the friendliest iterations of the Bake Off, in my view.

His hometown, Leicester, was one of the places hit particularly hard and no doubt his journey will have registered with lots of people there.

The finalists fought it out for the title on Tuesday (Picture: Channel 4)

The fact that he ended up receiving the star baker award twice and a coveted handshake from Paul Hollywood is testament to how much he grew through the series.

I'm sure plenty across the country have taken inspiration from the fact that Chigs managed to work towards something positive during a tough 18 months.

I ’ m so shocked, I don ’ t know what to say," said Chigs after making it through the semi-finals.

But Chigs at least used a dough-curling technique during the final that Jürgen had passed onto him.

Yet another example of the sense of community that Bake Off embodies – and most certainly the best of modern Britain.

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