Jesy then took part in an Instagram livestream with Boyz collaborator Nicki, who accused Leigh-Anne of trying to ruin Jesy's new solo career and branded the new mother and the rest of the group 'jealous miserable clowns '.

Fans noticed that Jesy did not defend Leigh-Anne when Superbass hitmaker Nicki called her "jealous" and a "clown" but smirked and laughed.

The same can not be said for Leigh-Anne as her following has increased amid the fallout.

In recent days a toxic feud has been brewing between Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirlwall following Jesy releasing her first solo single since quitting the band.

Then Leigh-Anne was accused of slating Jesy in leaked DMs sent to Instagram user No Hun.

The leaked messages showed Leigh-Anne replying to NoHun's poll, asking whether he should create a dance routine to Jesy's debut solo single Boyz.

Jesy penned : "To all my Mixers, the past nine years in Little Mix has been the most incredible time of my life.

Eek: The post came after Nicki took a swipe at Leigh-Anne in which she accused the singer of only speaking out about blackfishing now that Jesy is no longer helping the band make money

She's revealed that the pressure of being in the group affected her "mental health" when she shared the news to fans.

She announced her shock departure on her Instagram page after announcing she was taking extended time off from the group the month prior.

She went on to reveal the reason behind the decision to quit the band.

The girl band, who found fame on The X Factor, added : "We know that Jesy leaving the group is going to be really upsetting news for our fans.

Speaking out: Leigh-Anne allegedly accused Jesy of blackfishing in messages to influencer NoHun - who shared the exchange on his Instagram Story

"I need to spend some time with the people I love, doing thing that make me happy.

I never said in my statement, I'm coming out of the music industry, I'm not going to do music anymore ...' I said, I'm just going to start a new chapter of my life, I just want to make myself happy.

"To every single fan who came to see us in concert, who listened to our songs and sung their hearts out, sent me messages and supported me along the way I want you to know I love you all so much and I could never have done this without you and I appreciate it endlessly.

Perrie, Jade and Leigh-Anne have continued performing as Little Mix as a trio.

this is an incredibly sad time for all of us but we are fully supportive of jesy.

we are still be following jesy, however.

i love you guys but please don't do this.

Do you have a story to sell?

Heard it all before: Jesy should have been aware of the backlash her music video would receive as she had already been spoken about blackfishing by Leigh-Anne during her time in the band

The former Little Mix member released her debut solo single, "Boyz", and accompanying music video recently and was quickly accused of “ blackfishing ”, a term used to describe white individuals who mould their appearance to look black or mixed race.

Since the days of The X Factor she has developed caramel skin and coily hair normally only seen with black women.

Being black is political.

Jesy has used that privilege in a space and in a way that real women of colour could only dream of.

'You know she was suicidal, shame on you!': The blackfishing row shows no signs of dying down anytime soon after Nicki Minaj (left) doubled down on her row with Leigh-Anne

I will admit that part of me feels for Jesy.

However, in this situation and as someone in the public eye, I think there needs to be a separation between trolls spewing their hate and holding someone accountable for their actions.

Nicki accused her of jealousy after she called out Jesy for blackfishing.

it makes you a big jealous bozo.

Old pals? Nicki collaborated with Little Mix back in 2018 on the song Woman Like Me, but this fact did not feature heavily in the conversation between the two on the livestream

However, members of said community are not allowed to sit at the table.

The truth is, there is absolutely nothing stopping any person of any race making black music.

Too many tears have fallen and too much blood has been spilt in cultivating and protecting this culture for it to be misused in this way.

They added that Jesy should have been aware of the backlash her music video would receive as she had already been spoken about blackfishing by Leigh-Anne during her time in the band.

Leaked: Influencer NoHun (pictured) shared a slew of messages that he claims were between himself and Leigh-Anne before blasting the star for asking him to do her 'dirty work' and make a video about blackfishing

Leigh Anne and others sat down with Jesy years ago and spoke to her about blackfishing- and warned her about her excessive tanning and wearing braids.

That's all I know; it's what I grew up on."

After hitting out at Leigh-Anne during her Instagram live with Jesy on Monday, the rapper reiterated her comments in tweets on Tuesday- taking aim at Leigh-Anne's 'messy' fans and accusing them of having a negative impact on Jesy's mental health.

Don ’ t wait a decade after you ’ ve made millions with the person # BoyzOutNow.

Way back when: Little Mix were put together on the X Factor in 2011 and had global fame with many of their hits - before Jesy suddenly left the band (pictured with mentor Tulisa)

meanwhile, jesy herself has rejected the cultural appropriation claims made against her, saying : "i'm very aware that i'm a white british woman; i 've never said that i wasn't.

'but i mean, like, i love black music.

They have something to say about it. '

'In my opinion, 90 R' n' B is the best era of music.

Not holding back: After lashing out at Leigh-Anne on Instagram live, Nicki then took aim at Leigh-Anne's 'messy fans', accusing them of having a negative impact on Jesy's mental health

She then went onto reveal that she didn't even have any fake tan on in the music video, which was released in conjunction with the new song.

Earlier On Monday, Leigh-Anne allegedly claimed that and her bandmates did not unfollow the star on Instagram as has been widely reported but were instead blocked by Jesy.

The claims that Jesy blocked her bandmates on social media come following reports that Leigh-Anne, Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirlwall had unfollowed Jesy on social media a day after she dropped her first single Boyz, featuring rappers Nicki Minaj and Diddy.

Little Mix were put together on the X Factor in 2011 and had global fame with many of their hits- before Jesy suddenly left the band back in December 202O, citing her mental health, before going on to launch her solo career.

Upset: Jesy's decision to quit came as a complete shock to members Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall and Perrie Edwards after they heard about her decision to leave through lawyers

They are my sisters in so many ways, but for the time being we just don't talk. '

The video is dripping with references to early naughties rap music videos – sparking accusations that Jesy is trying to appropriate and capitalise on black culture and black history for her own gain.

There have also been accusations that 30-year-old Little Mix star Leigh-Anne Pinnock hit out at Jesy by messaging a fan to request they make a video accusing the Boyz singer of 'blackfishing' – a from of cultural appropriation.

The Sun reports that fellow singer Anne Marie, who collaborated with the band on a song called Kiss My ( Uh Oh ) : "has made it clear where her allegiance lies" and has “ unfollowed Jesy Nelson ”.

Defence: Jesy defended herself against blackfishing, saying .'I just personally want to say, it was never my intention to offend people of colour with this video - this is what I grew up with'

In a tweet issues in celebration of Black History Month – which takes place throughout October – he wrote : "from the heart, I just wan na take this time to promote some talented BLACK female artists who I feel deserve more of the shine than others ( others being white people, yes, get uncomfortable ) are getting."

While Jesy herself didn't address the controversy with Leigh-Anne, she laughed when Nicki ranted against her former bandmate.

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