The Countryfile presenter, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in situ last month, had the operation on Monday and updated fans with a selfie which showed her sitting in a hospital bed with surgery marks on her chest.

she wrote alongside the brave snap, julia's caption, the 51-year-old explained :' i'm out of surgery.

I 'll hold a little of my strength to get through the next few weeks & months.

"I need a drain to channel surplus blood from the surgery and I have to wear a special post- breast surgery designed bra for the next 6 weeks to protect my upper body post-op.

the brave star penned : "i feel relief that the operation is over.

The anxiety leading up to it was overwhelming.

I feel sad that such a brutal treatment is necessary in so many breast cancer cases, but I choose life. '

Julia, 51, was diagnosed with breast cancer in situ last month (Picture: @juliabradbury, Instagram/ Rex)

' I will do anything I can to live to see my children grow up & if this was happening to any other member of my family, or them, I would swap places in a heartbeat. '

Around 18,000 mastectomies are performed on the NHS in England every year.

that's up 50 % in the past 10 years.

( Roughly 100,000 women have a mastectomy in the U.S. every year. )

The presenter feels ‘relief’ to have had the mastectomy (Picture: @therealjuliabradbury, Instagram)

'Since the 90's breast carcinoma in situ ( the type of cancer I was diagnosed with ) has tripled in women & doubled in men.

One person every 10 minutes gets diagnosed with breast cancer.

"i will follow walt whitman's advice : "keep your face always toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you."

"To all you warrior women ( & men ) out there, I send my love.

She said: 'Fear of death is what you think of when you first hear the cancer word. Then it's fear of the unknown. Then there's a grieving process, as well, and disbelief...'

The sacred in me recognizes the sacred in you.

sending you love and strength x. '

So much love my darling, so glad the op went as planned ❤️. '

Julia revealed her diagnosis in September.

Brave: Julia received her Covid booster jab ahead of her operation

She explained how she was recently informed by her doctor that she had breast cancer after initially finding a lump in her breast last year which turned out to be a cluster of benign micro-cysts.

Julia Bradbury has shared an update with fans following her breast cancer surgery.

Taking to Instagram, the TV presenter, 51, posted a photo of herself lying in her hospital bed, writing :' I'm out of surgery. '

Referring to a large black mark that was visible on her chest, Julia added : 'The marks on my chest are markers for my surgeon to follow during the op. '

Honest: Julia detailed how 'upsetting' she has found being diagnosed with breast cancer and that she fears 'death and the unknown'

( this one is by @ theyahealthcare- made of bamboo fibres ).

' i 've now joined a sadly ever- growing club.

"Right now I'm simply focused on having surgery because I don't know how I am going to be, if I will have more cancer to deal with, how I will cope with recovery, how life will feel afterwards."

Let's carry on with preparing the body for what's coming my way ...'" Julia spoke to This Morning's Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about her upcoming procedure last week, and said she got the call about the date while she was working on a forest segment for the ITV show.

Julia Bradbury underwent a mastectomy (Image: GETTY)

Explaining how this is the last live TV before her operation, Julia added, 'Yes, this is my last live TV before the op so I will see you on the other side. '

She penned in the caption : 'Not long until I have my operation & grateful for my booster vaccine.

Speaking of the first signs, Julia said : 'About a year ago I noticed a lump in my breast.

Julia needed to have a mammogram right away.

Julia Bradbury has been open about her health on social media after her diagnosis (Image: INSTAGRAM)

' a mastectomy is a shattering thing to go through but it means that i am going to live and be here for my children."

The former Watchdog host admitted her brain 'started to explode' when she was given the devastating diagnosis and she's now preparing to undergo a mastectomy to remove her left breast next month, while surgeons will also remove tissue from her lymph nodes to establish whether the cancer has spread.

Although Julia has been told her 'sizeable tumour' could be 'trouble to treat' because of where it is positioned, she is hopeful that it's been caught early enough to treat.

she told the mail on sunday :' i have to hope i have caught mine early enough.

She added : "Cancer has so many points, the diagnosis seems like everything, but it isn't.

It puts you on a pathway and you have to navigate that while holding back your emotions so you are not overwhelmed all the time.

the 51-year-old countryfile star shared a selfie from her hospital bed following her mastectomy.

The brave TV star cast a smile across her face in the photo which saw her sport a pair of maroon polkadot pyjamas as she showed off her surgery scar across her chest.

Julia Bradbury shared a selfie from her hospital bed (Image: INSTAGRAM)

julia went on to share her emotions following her life-changing surgery.

The presenter sported a pair of colourful leggings in the snap and covered her modesty with her phone and her hand.

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