A fan of Bat out of Hell singer Meat Loaf has claimed that the star recently underwent an endoscopy and complained to him about the restrictions that were put in place in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

The star's fan, reportedly named Marty, claimed that the musician made the comments in a Cameo video to him, saying : "Covid's a drag, but you can blame China."

In the paid-for video, Meat Loaf attempts to sing Happy Birthday to a fan named Marty.

' i can't really sing too well because i had anaesthesia today and i had a pipe shoved down my throat.

An endoscopy this morning.

Ugh, Marty take care. '

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Meat Loaf's daughter Pearl told how 'friends and family' had been testing positive weeks ago (Image: GETTY)

Meat Loaf's daughter went on to explain that so far, she'd managed to avoid contracting the virus and urged her fans to stay safe.

In an interview from last August, the Bat out of Hell singer told a journalist from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that he was "happy" to give him a hug during the pandemic.

I hug people in the middle of Covid."

The reporter asked him : "You do?

Meat Loaf appeared in the 1999 film Fight Club alongside Edward Norton -  a film that also starred Brad Pitt

and right now they 're stopping because of politics."

the star responded : "oh, i'm scared to death!

You kidding me?

"But I'm sorry, I understood stopping life for a little while, but they can not continue to stop life because of politics.

Meat Loaf and Cher pose with Des Lynam (centre) after they joined him on The Des Lynam Show on BBC Radio 2 in 1998

Meat Loaf – aka Michael Lee Aday, who has sadly died at the age of 74 – was so ubiquitous a figure in the 1980s and 1990s, and so auto-spoofing from the start, that the myth felt deeply pleasurable.

It was his voice – you know, you knew what you got with Meat Loaf.

Farewell, Mr Loaf, and thank you.

The singer, 74, died on Thursday surrounded by his family.

Meat Loaf during a photocall at the Virgin Megastore in London's Oxford Street in April 2003 where he did an album signing

i'm happy to give you a hug.

the single i'd do anything.

In the announcement of his death, family revealed his wife Deborah Gillespie was by his side.

Steinman and Meat Loaf ’ s 1993 album Bat Out of Hell II : Back Into Hell produced the global hit single I ’ d Do Anything for Love ( But I Won ’ t Do That ).

On January 7, the singer's daughter posted that a number of her friends and family had tested positive but were doing 'ok' because they were all vaccinated. She did not specify in the post whether her father was one of them

Meat Loaf also had a breakout role in the 1975 film version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show playing Eddie, an ill-fated delivery boy who sings the song Hot Patootie.

Mr Steinman died in April last year.

Meat Loaf is survived by his wife, Deborah Gillespie, his daughter Amanda Aday and stepdaughter Pearl Aday from his first marriage to Leslie G Edmonds.

In 2001, he legally changed his name from Marvin to Michael, having always associated the name Marvin with a Levi's ad from his youth with the strapline : "Poor fat Marvin can ’ t wear Levi ’ s."

Meat Loaf with his wife Deborah at a hotel in Kensington, West London, in 2003. He passed away with her by his side

But Meat Loaf's crowning moment was yet to come.

"We know how much he meant to so many of you and we truly appreciate all of the love and support as we move through this time of grief in losing such an inspiring artist and beautiful man," his family said in a statement.

“ From his heart to your souls … don't ever stop rocking ! ” Written and composed by Jim Steinman, Meat Loaf's 1977 debut album Bat Out of Hell remains one of the biggest-selling albums in history.

He released his 12th and now final album, Braver Than We Are, in 2016.

Meat Loaf speaks during a press conference in Hong Kong in September 2006

So, I think that must have had some impact.

“ Give my best to Jim. ” Music industry executive Pete Waterman called him a "larger-than-life character with a unique voice", a take echoed by Bonnie Tyler who said he had the “ stage presence to match … One of those rare people who truly was a one-off talent and personality. ” Aday was born in Dallas, Texas, on 27 September 1947.

Stephen Fry was also among the first to pay tribute online, saying in a tweet :' I hope paradise is as you remember it from the dashboard light, Meat Loaf.

"The vaults of heaven will be ringing with rock," wrote Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Meat Loaf posing in front of a red background wearing a leather jacket and jeans with a smirk on his face

Auditioning for a production of More Than You Deserve, he met his future collaborator Jim Steinman.

Had a fun time performing a sketch with him on Saturday Live way back in the last century. '

of their appearance together, he wrote : “ he had the quality of being simultaneously frightening and cuddly, which is rare and rather wonderful. ” adam lambert recalled his kindness : "a gentle hearted powerhouse rockstar forever and ever.

three albums have sold more than 65m copies worldwide.

Hard-living and hard-rocking, Meat Loaf sold more than 100 million albums over a career that spanned six decades

And he was my friend.

Meat Loaf wasn't a consistent hit maker, especially after falling out for years with Mr Steinman.

He was born Marvin Lee Aday on September 27, 1947 in Dallas, Texas- the son of an alcoholic police officer and a school teacher who sang in a girls' gospel quartet.

Aday acted in high school productions, studied at Lubbock Christian College and later North Texas State University.

Meat Loaf held a press conference in Kensington, West London, in 2003 where he informed everyone of his good health

He found success again on stage, starring in an off-Broadway production of Rainbow and a Broadway production of Hair.

They were getting up and giving us the finger.

The early years in Texas were rough, particularly with his father.

They first met at an album launch years before.

Meat Loaf arriving for the Kerrang Awards 2006 at The Brewery in London in August that year

Those songs are about entire lifetimes."

She would say,' I know, but you 've got to come to a higher standard than everyone else.

It's one of the greatest rock music mysteries of all time.

The late US singer's Grammy-winning power ballad I'd Do Anything For Love ( But I Won't Do That ) blustered its way to the top of the charts in 1993.

Meat Loaf performing in 1982. The American singer has died at the age of 74, his family said today

Over 12 minutes of Wagnerian melodramatics, he repeated that guarantee no less that 30 times- but fans have long been confused about what it was he wouldn't do.

Give a gun to a monkey?

in the lyrics, mr loaf says he won't move on, or screw around, or stop dreaming about the object of his affections ( billed in the song as "mrs loud", she was in fact british singer lorraine crosby ).

He goes, 'They 're not gon na.'"

Oh really! In a candid chat with Showbusiness Editor Rebecca Davison (pictured during the chat), the Bat Out Of Hell rocker laid bare his romantic successes, his climate change gripes - and even dished out weight loss advice to a tickled Rebecca

"what happens is, i get this question all the time," meat loaf told nme.

"I bet if I said, 'Do you have a question ', people would raise their hand and they will ask me ... 'What is that ? '

"It's the line before every chorus.

"I 'll never forgive myself if we don't go all the way tonight I would do anything for love But I won't do that.

Meat Loaf performing at Newbury Racecourse in Berkshire in August 2013

the album had a long gestation, rejected by many labels who didn't understand it ?"

"In other words, you can insert your own line."

It spent seven weeks at number one in the UK, becoming the best-selling single of the year and rejuvenating Meat Loaf's career.

Instead, Steinman released Bad for Good as a album and wrote 1981's Dead Ringer for Meat Loaf, who sang the title track as a duet with Cher.

Prince Charles meets singers including Meat Loaf and Beyonce following 'Party in the Park' at Hyde Park in London in 2003

“ but that's bigger than life, but it's not," he said.

Eight minutes isn't too much for Paradise by the Dashboard Lights.

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after a surgical procedure, he continued to tour and recorded bat out of hell trilogy with the monster is loose in 2006.

Detailed discussion: The star, real name was Michael Lee Aday, is pictured during his interview

He appeared in more than 50 films and TV shows, among them Fight Club, Wayne's World and Spiceworld the Movie.

In 2021, he signed a deal to develop a relationship competition series titled I ’ d Do Anything for Love ( But I Won ’ t Do That ).

Alice Cooper called him "one of the greatest voices in rock ’ n ’ roll" and one of his closest friends in showbusiness, and recalled their work together on the 1980 comedy Roadie.

"He plays the ultimate roadie on this quest to be the best in the world," said Cooper.

Meat Loaf with Donald Trump at an 'An Evening with The Celebrity Apprentice' in New York in April 2011

After his mother's death, he moved to Los Angeles – where he worked as a car park attendant and believed that he once picked up a hitchhiking Charles Manson – and formed his first group, Meat Loaf Soul, taking the name from a nickname given to him by a football coach.

In Los Angeles, Meat Loaf turned down three early offers of recording contracts and the group plied their trade live, supporting acts such as Van Morrison's band Them, Taj Mahal, Janis Joplin, the Who, the Fugs, the Stooges and the Grateful Dead.

He was playing a long game, he explained, exploring other avenues of entertainment that he hoped would ultimately allow him to make music on his terms.

His role in Hair led to an invitation to record for Motown in collaboration with Shaun "Stoney" Murphy.

Legendary singer Meat Loaf pictured in an undated photograph

He took on the role of Eddie in the later film.

His rising fortunes dovetailed with the proper start of his collaboration with Steinman on Bat Out of Hell in 1972, which prompted him to sideline the theatre world.

Todd Rundgren proved the album ’ s saving grace, producing the record and playing guitar.

Finally, Epic imprint Cleveland International Records took a chance and history was made.

Meat Loaf performing on stage during the Bat Out Of Hell Tour in the US in September 1978

“ I ’ ll sit tight and wait until everything is right. ” His debut solo single, You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth, was released in 1977 and reached the US and UK Top 40.

Bat Out of Hell came out at the height of punk, rendering him, a critic for Mojo later suggested, "the uncoolest man in the universe".

Meat Loaf responded : “ Put it this way.

"The music was epic, the success was epic, everything that came with it was epic," he told Mojo.

Meat Loaf's family confirmed his death at the age of 74 on Saturday (Image: GETTY)

I hated it because it was not based in reality.

To me, the whole celebrity thing was and is a lot of bullshit. ” Despite his cool attitude to fame, Meat Loaf had a nervous breakdown following Bat Out of Hell.

He was unable to convince his record label to pay for two Steinman songs that Meat Loaf said were written for him – Total Eclipse of the Heart, later a No 1 hit for Bonnie Tyler, and Making Love Out of Nothing at All, a No 2 hit for Air Supply.

That decade, he made forays into comedy, performing in the UK with Hugh Laurie, but he also struggled personally.

US singer Meat Loaf, whose hits included Bat Out of Hell, has died aged 74, a statement on his official Facebook page said

His subsequent 90s albums went platinum in the UK and his profile remained high into the new millennium, but on 17 November 2003, during a performance at Wembley Arena, Meat Loaf collapsed of what was later diagnosed as Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome.

A single, It's All Coming Back to Me Now, charted in the UK at No 6, his highest chart position in almost 11 years.

That year, he collapsed on stage in Canada – leading the New York Post to wrongly report his death – and subsequently committed to better protecting his health.

Despite the death of his long term collaborator, Meat Loaf told fans in November that he was due to return to the studio in January 2022 to record songs for a new album.

Celebrity news site TMZ claimed that the rockstar died after falling ill with Covid (Image: GETTY)

Despite the stage name, he was for a time a vegetarian.

Speaking to Mojo, he characterised the public perception of his act : "That I'm overblown, pompous, melodramatic, self-indulgent.

I ’ ve heard it a million times.

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