Boris Johnson authorised the evacuation of animals from Afghanistan during the fall of Kabul, according to emails leaked by a whistleblower.

But an email from an official in minister Zac Goldsmith's office suggests he was personally involved.

It is one of a number of emails released by a select committee.

"Equivalent charity Nowzad, run by an ex-Royal Marine, has received a lot of publicity and the PM has just authorised their staff and animals to be evacuated, [ animal charity- name redacted ] are hoping to be treated in the same capacity."

In December, Johnson dismissed the suggestion that he had intervened as "complete nonsense" in a television interview.

Asked about the new emails, the PM's official spokesman said : "It remains the case that the PM didn't instruct officials to take any particular course of action."

and lord goldsmith tweeted : "i did not authorise & do not support anything that would have put animals' lives ahead of peoples '."

He added that he "never discussed the Nowzad charity or their efforts to evacuate animals with the PM".

An ally of Mr Farthing, animal rights activist Dominic Dyer, told the BBC he had contacted Mr Johnson's wife Carrie to ask the PM to speak to Defence Secretary Ben Wallace about ensuring Mr Farthing and his animals were evacuated.

Mr Farthing launched a campaign to get his staff and animals out of Afghanistan as the Taliban overran Kabul, using a plane funded through donations.

the uk government sponsored clearance for the charter flight, leading to allegations that animals had been prioritised over people in the rescue effort.

"Once again, the prime minister has been caught out lying about what he has been doing and deciding.

He added : "At no point were he or I directed by the prime minister to evacuate Pen Farthing, his workforce or his pets.

"As I made clear at the time, we were not going to put pets before people and as the actions showed, Pen Farthing left last and his workforce had to leave after the evacuation was concluded via other means."

In his evidence to the committee, Farthing said that no UK military capacity was used.

Why did an official in the Foreign Office, on 25 August, think that Boris Johnson had "authorised" the evacuation of Nowzad's staff and animals?

The evidence published by the Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday shows Lord Goldsmith's official in the Foreign Office emailed colleagues working on the "special cases team Bronze", saying : "[ animal charity- name redacted ] are a [ details redacted ] animal charity operating in Kabul and seeking to evacuation their [ details redacted ] members of staff ( no animals ).

But Labour's shadow defence secretary John Healey said the leaked emails proved the prime minister had made misleading statements.

"He should never have given priority to flying animals out of Afghanistan while Afghans who worked for our armed forces were left behind."

the second email, sent at 5.42pm on 25 august, was from a foreign office official working in the crisis rescue team.

a downing street spokesman said : "the pm had no role in authorising individual evacuations from afghanistan during op pitting, including nowzad staff and animals.

In documents released by the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, Sir Philip Barton – the Foreign Office's permanent-under secretary – said he was "not aware" of support for the decision to evacuate Nowzad either in No 10 or from the Prime Minister, or whether there was any reason staff would attribute the decision to the PM, “ beyond speculation in the public domain ”.

"it has refused to admit any involvement in this humanitarian rescue mission that had huge public support,"

Since the end of the evacuation, human rights groups and journalists have documented dozens of targeted killings in Afghanistan.

But on Wednesday, Sky News reported that Ms Harrison had contacted a private charter company to try to secure a plane to help with the Nowzad evacuation, and a source at the company told Sky News it was implicit that she was acting with the Prime Minister's backing.

ms harrison told the broadcaster she had contacted companies, and had told staff she was a pps to mr johnson was not involved in plans around evacuation.

This appears to support claims made last year in written evidence by whistleblower Raphael Marshall, a desk officer at the Foreign Office, that the department "received an instruction from the prime minister" to use "considerable capacity" to help animals leave the country that were being cared for by Nowzad.

Johnson 'played key role in evacuation' Dominic Dyer, an animal welfare campaigner who worked with Pen Farthing, told Sky News the prime minister also got involved directly in the campaign to help evacuate Nowzad staff and animals on 25 August and this unblocked issues.

"There was a direct trade-off between transporting Nowzad's animals and evacuating British nationals and Afghan evacuees, including Afghans who had served with British soldiers," he said.

But it comes after a leaked letter from Conservative MP Trudy Harrison who was then parliamentary private secretary ( PPS ) to Mr Johnson, previously suggested the Prime Minister may have been involved as she wrote to former marine Pen Farthing, who runs Nowzad, informing him that he and his staff – amounting to 68 people – "would be provided a flight by the Royal Air Force as part of the evacuation programme".

Last month, No 10 said Ms Harrison was acting in her capacity as a constituency MP, however, the letter's signature included her title as the Prime Minister ’ s PPS.

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