In August, Poland began building a barbed-wire fence along its border with Belarus to curb illegal border crossings despite criticism that some migrants were being treated inhumanely.

The new wall, equipped with a system of motion sensors and cameras, would further bolster border security.

Poland and fellow EU countries Lithuania and Latvia have reported sharp increases in migrants- from countries such as Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq- crossing their borders from Belarus.

Approximately 16,000 attempts to illegally cross the Polish-Belarusian border have been stopped since August, Poland's border agency has said.

EU's Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson said there was no evidence of an increase in Afghan arrivals to the 27-nation EU "just yet" since Kabul fell to Taliban insurgents in August.

and macron is to blame claims brexiteer [ analysis ] in germany, the federal police said on wednesday that the number of people entering the country after following the belarus-poland route" were registered in the period from january to july.

"There are currently no signs of an easing of the situation on the German-Polish border," the police said, adding that they had stepped up internal border searches and reintroduced temporary frontier controls.

Poland is building a wall on its border with Belarus (Image: GETTY)

The majority applied for asylum and settled in Germany.

Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Pryzdacz has lashed out at Belarus amid a growing migrant crisis at the EU border in Eastern Europe.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has been blamed for the surge in undocumented migrants and refugees attempting to cross into Poland.

"I mean the chartered flights have been sent by the Belarusian regime all around the Middle East countries so the migrants, not only asylum seekers are encouraged somehow to go to Belarus.

Mateusz Morawiecki (Image: EXPRESS)

it comes as poland imposed a state of emergency on the belarusian border amid a surge in migrants from countries such as afghanistan and iraq trying to cross, in what brussels and warsaw say is a form of hybrid warfare designed to put pressure on the bloc over sanctions it imposed on minsk.

On Friday, a foreign ministry spokesman said, after border guards accused the Belarusian side of shooting at Polish soldiers patrolling the frontier.

People attempting to enter Poland from Belarus are being warned they could be "poisoned" and ordered to return across the border.

Jack Parrock, a journalist reporting from the region, received a message from Polish authorities that stated : "The Polish border is sealed.

Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Pryzdacz (Image: DW News)

Don't take any pills from Belarusian soldiers."

Of those, 5,000 took place in October.

It is feared that thousands of migrants are being trapped in the Bialowieza forest, including children, where temperatures fall to freezing overnight.

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