The British Geological Survey said the 2.1 magnitude quake hit Roybridge in the Highlands shortly before 9.30pm last night.

the earthquake had a depth of 7.5km.

"We get about two to three hundred earthquakes every year somewhere in the United Kingdom area, so the fact that this one was actually felt was unusual because approximately 90 % of them are so small nobody actually perceives them."

Rosemary Neagle, who lives on a farm in Kilmartin Glen near Lochgilphead, said the noise of the tremor was so loud that she initially thought something had exploded in one of her sheds.

Tuesday's earthquake happened 10km below the Earth ’ s surface, the agency said.

now the independent has reported the cause has been confirmed as a sonic boom' that shook buildings in north yorkshire – and was initially mistaken for an earthquake –was caused by a swiss fighter jet.

the swiss air force confirmed one of its f-18 hornet aircraft was behind the shockwave felt over a wide area at 15:50pm wednesday.

There was a tremor in Argyll and Bute on Tuesday (Image: PA)

The flight took place over the North Sea and the sound was heard in parts of North Yorkshire and East Cleveland.

Officials said the plane had been taking part in "routine operational training" and apologised for any inconvenience.

A Swiss Air Force detachment is currently conducting training missions at RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire.

There were reports from Redcar, Malton, and Whitby.

The world's deadliest earthquakes (Image: Express)

a spokeswoman told the independent sonic booms from aircraft out at sea are not typically heard on land, but "climatic and wind conditions" may have been behind the unusual range of the sound.

Sonic booms are the result of shockwaves from objects travelling through the air faster than the speed of sound.

"The house shook," he told PA the news agency.

But, following analysis, seismologists determined it to have been the result of a "sonic event" as opposed to movements in the ground.

it was felt by residents in in spean, bohenie and roughburn, with reports of a "i just heard a big banging"

While a third commented : "Heard and felt it."

It comes after Scotland recorded a 3.1 magnitude quake in the west of the country on Tuesday with a 1.6 magnitude quake reported at Roybridge nearly an hour later.

The BGS's seismology team is the UK ’ s national earthquake monitoring agency which operates a network of sensors across the country.

"I felt the whole house shake and rumble about half an hour ago !"

"Apparently it was a small earthquake in York an hour away !"

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