Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder were at their career-heaviest as they weighed in for their third WBC heavyweight title fight in Las Vegas this weekend.

asked about the extra weight meant "it means total obliteration of a dosser.

"Total annihilation.

WBC champion Fury tipped the scales at 19st 11lbs ( 277lbs ), four pounds more than for his rematch victory last February, while Wilder came in at 17st ( 238lbs ), an extra seven pounds since his seventh-round stoppage loss.

Wilder has a new trainer for the trilogy fight after he sacked one of his cornermen, Mark Breland, for throwing in the towel last time.

fury's commanding seventh-round victory- but the british fighter dismissed wilder's new partnership with malik scott as "a pack of losers".

The two boxers had a slanging match at the final press conference earlier this week, with Fury seizing on Wilder's list of excuses for his loss in the second fight.

Fury's connections with mob boss Daniel Kinahan remains a bone of contention among fans

"The weight just came on," said Wilder.

"Calmness is the key to the storm.

i know that when i'm not calm, my mind is cloudy and you make bad decisions.

when you 're calm you can weather the storm, you 're able to make great decisions.

However, there will always be caveats with Fury and big elephants remain in the ring

"we have rejuvenated myself, reinvented myself, redemption is upon us and i can't wait to show the world what i'm all about.

I'm reintroducing myself to the world as Deontay Wilder."

The fighters are expected to start their ring walks at the T-Mobile Arena at about 4.30am UK time on Sunday morning.

The bitter rivals have been kept apart all week and they were again denied a face-off, but Fury did deliver a fiery pre-fight warning to the American ahead of their trilogy clash.

Claims that Fury paid a farmer £25,000 to lie about his failed drugs test also linger

That's what it means to me."

Wilder insisted that the extra pounds would help him cope with the physical challenge posed by Fury's superior size.

not a blast he can slip as he will be a cementing of his status as the world's best heavyweight.

He is all too aware of his own face acting as a fleshy sponge- particularly in his first brutal bout with Wilder in which he twice rose from the canvas.

"Boxing doesn't take any prisoners, it just takes casualties; that ’ s a fact.

Fury's stoppage of Wilder last year sparked the start of his second reign as world champion.

"Not money or a million title defences, I am motivated to get up in the morning, do a little bit of training and enjoy my day," he adds.

"i don't have any goals in boxing, i have done everything so maybe they need to make more belts and awards.

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