Moscow would face a "swift, severe and a united response" if it invaded Ukraine, US secretary of state Antony Blinken warned as talks with Russia's foreign minister broke up with no breakthroughs.

Mr Lavrov described the talks in Geneva as "constructive and useful" and said the US had agreed to provide written responses to Russian demands on Ukraine and NATO next week.

moscow has demanded that nato promise ukraine will never join the military alliance.

Russia has bolstered its military deployment on the border with Ukraine to 106,000 troops, as well as air and sea power, according to western and Ukrainian officials.

on russia's repeated insistence that it has no plans to invade ukraine, mr blinken said : "we ’ re looking at what is visible to all, and it is deeds and actions and not words that make all the difference."

The last meeting between the US secretary of state and the Russian foreign minister, in December, ended after just 40 minutes with exchanges of accusations and recriminations with demands that the Kremlin start pulling back the more than 100,000 troops massed on Ukraine's borders.

On Thursday the US Treasury has imposed sanctions on two Ukrainian MPs and two former officials who are allegedly part of the plot.

Britain's foreign secretary Liz Truss absurdly sits on a tank and warns Putin not to make a "strategic mistake".

But what happens if the fighting begins?

The joint military exercise with Belarus will see airpower augmented with the arrival of a Russian Su-35S fighter squadron.

They had the Minsk agreement and all that, but there was always fighting, killing going on," he told The Independent.

"We used anti-tank missiles in the anti-terrorist operation in the Donbas before.

They were older models, but if we have newer Javelins and Stingers, yes it will make a difference.

"I am not boasting about this.

if the situation gets worse may happen again.

I don't want to leave them to go and fight, but it looks like we may not have a choice.

President Biden clearly expects Russia to "move in" on Ukraine.

The UK ’ s chief of defence staff, Tony Radakin, said that a Russian invasion could trigger conflict on a scale “ not seen in Europe since world war two ”.

Don ’ t do what was done to Germany in 1919 and devastate morale.

he exploited nato to russia ’ s borders.

It would risk, he said, "the flames of war bursting out across the whole of Europe".

In 1999, Vladimir Putin took power on a populist, patriotic ticket.

Ukraine is an independent state but one that, like Belarus, Georgia and Kazakhstan, has usually maintained peaceful relations within Moscow's sphere of interest.

Russia seized control of Ukraine's Crimea peninsula in 2014 and backed a separatist insurgency in the eastern part of the country, that has claimed more than 14,000 lives.

Does Putin want another iron curtain?

It involves Kyiv granting extensive domestic autonomy to the Russian-speaking regions of eastern Ukraine, the west backing down on Bush ’ s proposed eastwards expansion of Nato, and Russia pulling its troops back from a border restored to Ukraine.

The defence secretary, Ben Wallace, taunts Putin with destroyers careering up and down the Crimean coast.

No one is going to stop Putin's tanks from rumbling into Donbas if he is determined to do so.

The US and Russia have met to discuss the crisis in Ukraine- and sought to lower the temperature after days of heated standoff over a feared Russian invasion.

He held talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Geneva for roughly 90 minutes at what the American said was a "critical moment."

mr blinken reiterated his warning that any movement of "we have been clear, if any russian military forces move across ukraine's border, that is a renewed invasion.

With an estimated 100,000 Russian troops amassed on the Ukrainian border, many fear the Kremlin is preparing an invasion, leading to a bloody conflict, although it denies this.

Mr Blinken has also sought to stress US unity with its partners after US President Joe Biden drew widespread criticism for saying retaliation for Russian aggression in Ukraine would depend on the circumstances and that a "minor incursion" would see a lesser response.

Mr Lavrov also said he hoped "emotions would cool down" over Ukraine and repeated the claim that Russia posed no threat to its former Soviet neighbour.

However, the US and its allies have rejected these demands and repeatedly promised "severe" consequences including tough economic sanctions- though not military action- against Russia if an invasion goes ahead.

Mr Putin has faced limited international consequences for those moves, but the West says a new invasion would be different.

Follow the Daily podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Spreaker Mr Biden subsequently sought to clarify his comments by cautioning that any troop movements across Ukraine's border would constitute an invasion and that Moscow would "pay a heavy price" for such an action.

Moscow has denied it is planning an offensive and instead accused the West of plotting "provocations" in Ukraine, citing the supply of thousands of anti-tank weapons by the British military, in the face of the Kremlin troop build-up.

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