Eventually we did manage to reheat the marriage souffle, but I completely understand how going away on work trips and office parties creates an insecurity and excitement for both partners."

The 54-year-old presenter was the host of the primetime ITV show during the 1990s, and admitted that was the reason why her marriage to John Turnbull ended.

In 1993 one of the cameramen "caught her eye" at a post-filming party.

'we ended up dancing together, albeit not strictly-styley.

not intimate but enough for me to get a taste of something enticing and forbidden.

"nothing happened but i developed feelings for this man and came home a much-changed wife.

I didn't want to be at home."

The mum-of-five shared how the experience led them to marriage counselling. (Image: GETTY)

Ulrika explained how the excitement of the show made her feel 'more than just a wife '.

Ulrika and John divorced in 1995, of which she said : "My marriage broke down and I was subsequently unfaithful.

In an abridged extract from Spinning Plates, by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, published by The Mail On Sunday this month, the singer, 42, recalled how her time as a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing in 2013 was 'the best of times' and also 'the worst of times '.

Sophie recalls : "Some of the show was pure joy and exhilaration.

Challenges: Sophie revealed how husband Richard ended up in counselling. Pictured: Sophie on the show with dance partner Brendan Cole in 2013

But some of it was seriously intense and, even for a strong marriage like we have, it gave our foundations a good old shake.

Not that I was going to run off with anyone – he liked Brendan and knew that nothing was going to happen there – but I think he thought that something was awakening in me and he felt he wasn't part of my future."

'At home my head was distracted.

i'd get in exhausted, and while listening to what had been going on with the kids, i could feel my thoughts getting foggy as i went over and over some step i was finding hard,' she wrote.

The beloved presenter hosted the ITV show when it began in the 1990s. (Image: GETTY)

"By the final week, I was done.

I can remember standing beside the dance floor with Abbey Clancy and we were both saying how ready we were to go back to our husbands and our normal lives.

'All the while, Richard was feeling left out in the cold.

He was worried he was losing me.

Tested: The singer, 42, recalled how her time on Strictly Come Dancing 'took such a toll' on her marriage with Richard Jones. Pictured together in 2017

Ulrika Jonsson can emphasise with couples affected by the 'Strictly curse' after presenting Gladiators led to the demise of her marriage.

Sophie's Strictly partner Brendan recently opened up on her comments.

The singer, who was partnered with Brendan Cole on the show, admitted how she thinks many other contestants will relate to her experience.

In a piece serialised in the Daily Mail, she admitted while she loved the show, her husband Richard Jones struggled with her involvement.

Ulrika shared how she related to Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s recent comments (Image: BBC)

She went on to add : "I don't think I ’ m the only one who has experienced that in this way."

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