virginia giuffre is not interested in." in her lawsuit against prince andrew, her lawyer has said.

A US court has ruled that Ms Giuffre's allegations of sexual assault against the royal can proceed to trial in a civil case after a failed attempt by Andrew's lawyers to have the case dismissed.

Ms Giuffre is suing Andrew for battery and emotional distress, alleging she was forced to have sex with him when she was 17 while being trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein.

The Duke denies all the allegations.

David Boise, her attorney, said she was seeking to be "vindicated" in the case.

He told BBC Newsnight : "I don't think that she is has a firm view at this point nor could she as to exactly what the resolution could be.

He has consistently denied all the sex allegations made by Virginia Giuffre and had banked on his stunningly expensive lawyers to find a way of stopping her lawsuit from progressing.

I said : 'You 're not going to believe it dad '," she recalled.

"Through that time they were asking me questions about who I was.

Maxwell was found guilty last month of recruiting and trafficking young girls for Epstein to abuse, and is awaiting sentencing.

She said she convinced the wealthy financier to pay for her to get training to become a real professional masseuse and he arranged for her to take a class in Thailand.

Following the ruling against Maxwell last month, Ms Giuffre told New York Magazine "it's definitely not over".

He has just lost his latest legal battle after Manhattan federal court judge Lewis Kaplan ’ s ruling today that the sexual abuse lawsuit against him should proceed to trial, despite his lawyers advancing a variety of technical arguments, including that Virginia Giuffre no longer lives in the US, that she agreed in a 2009 deal not to pursue claims against certain other people, and that the court summons had not been properly served.

But even in the best-case scenario for Andrew, if the legal process went to a full trial and he successfully defended himself, the reputational damage to him and the royal family would still be done.

The fact that he had numbered among his friends two people who were convicted sex criminals would tarnish his name for ever.

Whatever the difficulties, the palace may have to find some way to "de-royal" him – he is for all intents and purposes an ex-royal and faces a lot of sweating in the year to come.

After a tense week of waiting for a judge in New York to decide his fate, he now faces the prospect of a full-blown civil trial conducted in a blaze of publicity.

But Judge Lewis Kaplan was not persuaded that the case should be thrown out.

he will go ahead and the options for the prince are now to try to settle out of court.

And his relationship with Epstein's former lover, Ghislaine Maxwell – now a convicted sex offender herself – goes back a great deal further.

All this is extremely embarrassing for the Queen at the start of what should be a year of celebration for her Platinum Jubilee.

The legal bills are soaring and will continue to do so in the coming months.

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