Even B12 deficiency that is relatively mild may affect the nervous system and the proper functioning of the brain causing a multitude of worrying symptoms.

Speaking to, Giulia Guerrini, lead pharmacist from digital pharmacy, Medino said : "A common symptom is feeling pins and needles- especially in your fingers and toes.

Cobalamin, also known as vitamin B12, plays a part in the smooth running of the metabolism, and is a key nutrient in the production of red blood cells and maintaining a healthy nervous system.

Certain groups are often at risk of a deficiencies, including vegetarians and vegans, who can struggle to get enough as it isn't a nutrient plants require.

It is believed, however, that as many as one in 10 over the age of 75 is deficient too, because their body is unable to absorb B12.

Signs of a deficiency occasionally surface around the eyes, notably in the form of uncomfortable twitching.

Health organisation Medical Daily says : "Eye twitching and eyelid spasms are also signs that could help pinpoint vitamin B12 deficiency."

A swollen tongue and mouth ulcers can be a symptom of a B12 deficiency (Image: GETTY)

The condition is known as eye blepharospasm, and is thought to be reversible through the administering of B12.

The Journal of Neurology India say : "Blepharospasm can be a rare manifestation of vitamin B12 deficiency, which is reversible with therapy.

"Vitamin B12 levels and homocysteine levels should be tested in patients with blepharospasm in whom there is no obvious cause for blepharospasm."

Pins and needles and burning sensations can occur as a sign of low levels.

Vitamin B12 deficiency: Vision loss is another symptom to spot (Image: Getty Images)

other symptoms to look out for include fatigue, pale skin, pins and needles and sore red tongue.

According to the NHS, the common symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency include : B12 is commonly found in foods made by animals, and so meat eaters are less likely to suffer from a deficiency.

If you are unable to absorb the vitamin then doctors are able to prescribe a B12 infection- a top up approach administered over a period of six weeks.

the uk government recommends 1.5 micrograms a day for adults.

Vitamins are essential to our everyday health and organ fucntions (Image: THE EXPRESS)

A lack of B12 damages the myelin sheath that surrounds and protect nerves.

Although the extremities are typically the first areas of the body to pick up on nerve damage, signs may occasionally arise around the eyes too.

This will typically be administered six times over a two week period unless the patient is already presenting with neurological symptoms, in which case more may be required.

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