the scheme was launched on 3 april 2019 to compensate members of the windrush generation wrongly classed as illegal immigrants has compounded the injustice, mps say.

The new report identifies a "litany of flaws in the design and operation" of the compensation scheme including an excessive burden on claimants to provide documentary evidence of the losses they suffered, long delays in processing applications and making payments, inadequate staffing of the scheme and a failure to provide urgent and exceptional payments to those in desperate need.

She said it was "staggering, given the failures of the Windrush scandal, that the Home Office has allowed some of the same problems to affect the Windrush Compensation Scheme too".

However, the experience of applying for compensation has now itself become a further trauma, the report found.

A report by the committee said the design of the scheme contained the same "bureaucratic insensitivities" that led to the Windrush scandal in the first place, which was a "damning indictment of the Home Office".

by the end of september 2021, only 20.1 % of the initially estimated 15,000 eligible claimants had applied for compensation.

"it is particularly distressing that 23 individuals died before receiving any compensation.

the politicians welcomed changes made to the scheme in december 2020 to accelerate payments- but said these "these changes do not go far enough".

The committee's Labour chairwoman, Yvette Cooper, said : "It has been four years since the Windrush scandal emerged and it is truly shocking how few people have received any compensation for the hardship they endured at the hands of the Home Office.

"urgent action is needed to get compensation to those who have been so badly wronged."

A Home Office spokesperson, said : "The home secretary and the department remain steadfast in our commitment to ensure that members of the Windrush generation receive every penny of compensation that they are entitled to.

"we are pleased this report welcomes the changes made to the scheme in december and we continue to make improvements, such as simplifying the application process, hiring more caseworkers and removing the end date.

Just 5 % of Windrush victims have received compensation four years after the scandal emerged, according to a damning report by cross-party MPs which called for the scheme to be taken out of Home Office control.

A report by the Home Affairs Select Committee said Priti Patel's department had presided over a "litany of flaws" and that an independent organisation should take over.

Just 864 had received a payout, MPs found.

"no amount of compensation could ever repay the fear, the humiliation and the hurt that was caused both to individuals and to communities affected.

Alba Kapoor, senior policy officer with the Runnymede Trust race equality thinktank, said : "How many more deaths will there be before the horrors of the Windrush scandal are addressed in a competent, compassionate and supportive manner ?"

"The home secretary overhauled the scheme in December to ensure more money is paid more quickly – since then the amount of compensation paid has risen from less than £3m to over £31.6m, with a further £5.6m having been offered.

There is no cap on the amount of compensation we will pay out."

Claimants face a "daunting application process", "unreasonable requests for evidence" and were "left in limbo in the midst of inordinate delays", the committee's report said.

"Too often, injustice has been compounded rather than compensated," the MPs said.

"This is unacceptable and must not continue."

twenty-three people have died without receiving compensation.

The Windrush scandal resulted in people with a right to live in the UK being wrongfully detained or deported to the Caribbean.

We firmly believe that moving the operation of the scheme out of the home office would risk significantly delaying vital payments to those affected."

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